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Who on earth is StockCrowd?

Ben Parker
Posted by Ben Parker on Sep 14, 2021 9:38:28 PM

Our story begins here. StockCrowd is a software that turns the websites and digital channels of any organisation into its own fundraising platform.  


StockCrowd launched in the UK last year and I wanted to introduce ourselves to you all. We are a global team based across Barcelona, London, Mexico and Manila with a passion for helping organisations digitally fundraise in a way that is new, effective, sustainable for the long term and connects communities to causes in an engaging way.  We have raised more than £69m since launching in 2017.  


In many ways, we feel we know you already.  We see the same questions being raised across many sectors as organisations contemplate the move to digital fundraising and grapple with common issues regarding choice of platform, how to differentiate their cause in an ever more crowded digital space, how to organically expand a supporter base and how to strengthen ties with their community.


Our view is that fundraising should not be owned by centralised platforms, everything should be more transparent and simpler. Donations should go directly to the cause, with no stops in between. The data of people who support a cause should be owned by the organisation that is driving the cause and not by a third party that sits in the middle. Organisations that promote a cause must take advantage of their digital traffic to make it known, without having to send their community to a domain that is not theirs.


The journey starts here. See how we can help you gain control of your fundraising efforts and connect (we mean really connect in a meaningful way) with your supporter base. 


Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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