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Things to Consider when making the switch from Virgin Money Giving

Ben Parker
Posted by Ben Parker on Sep 28, 2021 2:54:15 PM

The recent announcement of the closure of Virgin Money Giving in November has left charities little time to take action and switch to a new provider.  When resources are stretched and battle fatigued, it's key that the process is painless and simple for the charity and seamless for their community of supporters.  However, this event also creates a real opportunity for the charitable sector to take back control of their fundraising activities.


So what should you be looking for in a new technology partner?  Here is a quick summary of what we think at StockCrowd.


#1 Take back Control of Data

Pick a technology provider where you own and have 100% control of data.  After all, your community of supporters feel connected to your brand and cause not that of a third-party platform.  Having your community interact directly with your own website and digital channels enables you to learn, adapt and make your campaigns more successful over time and build meaningful relationships for the long-term.  


#2 Your Community, Your Brand

Evidence shows that donors remember your cause far more when donating to an own-brand website.  Use this opportunity of switching providers to direct your community to your own website.  It will help with Search Engine Optimisation (to build brand awareness) and foster long-term support for your cause.  Pick a technology provider that is truly invisible to your community and turns your own website into its own fundraising platform.


#3 Injection of Fun

With an explosion of digital fundraising technology solutions in recent years, it's critical to pick one that will allow you to standout from the crowd.  Does your donation page look just like a version of everyone else's?  If so, it's time to inject some fun and creativity in order to not bring attention to your cause but to also help connect and explain to your community what it is that they are actually contributing towards.


#4 Pay As You Grow

Consider a technology partner that can grow with you.  Even if your digital fundraising needs are relatively simple today, ask yourself will they still be simple tomorrow?  Upgrading technology providers can be resource intensive so it helps to have a tech partner that only charges for the functionality you need today but gives you the flexibility of knowing you can switch on new, more complex capabilities such as event ticketing and e-commerce at a later date in an instant.  This also applies if you only need more sophisticated functionality at certain times of the year.


#5 One Stop Solution

Whilst no technology solution can be all things to all people, charities can no longer continue to support more and more individual technology solutions for each fundraising channel.  Having a solution that can offer an opportunity to rationalise the existing technology infrastructure is advantageous.  However, it only works if you have a technology partner that has a broad offering whether that be event ticketing, e-commerce, physical donation stations, international fundraising infrastructure or simply gives the charity the ability to just stand out from the crowd.


So what next?

Use the opportunity to take back control and partner with a technology provider who can not only do the critical, must-have things simply but also a partner that enables you to bring new life and new audiences to your fundraising campaigns.  Click here to see how StockCrowd can help you transition seamlessly away from Virgin Money Giving.


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